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Go Cluck Cluck

Local pitmaster Jules Mailloux from The BBQ Den in Belle River has come out with some new spice rubs, including one for poultry humorously named Cluck Cluck. It’s never too cold to barbecue, so you might give this one a whirl on chicken and give dinner a locavore twist.
Not a meat eater? Maillloux has tested his spice rubs out on all kinds of non-meat options, too, and we quite like the sound of sprinkling Cluck Cluck onto popcorn. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, Mailloux’s Sweet Delight Dessert Rub works great on grilled fruit and even peanut butter toast. Way to spice up breakfast! We’re intrigued.
Think of it as a kind of Halloween candy treat for the cooks and barbecue fans among us.
Stop by The BBQ Den at 535 Notre Dame St., Belle River or visit for advice on equipment, seasonings and year-round grilling.

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Jules Mailloux, founder of BBQ Den has always had a passion for BBQ, even from a young age he remembers standing by his father's side as he fired up the grill. Jules, enjoyed cooking for friends and family whenever the opportunity arose, but the thought of making it a carrier seemed far off.
Then in 2008, encouraged by his wife Jules set his sights on entering a BBQ competition. The first challenge to overcome, is that grilling competitions were not big in Southern Ontario. Undaunted, Jules assembled his team of grill masters and Roast'n Toast Competition BBQ Team was born. Needless to say many years have passed along with many miles. Roast'n Toast as competed in BBQ competitions from Ottawa, Ontario to Florida. 
In 2010 Jules began a partnership with the LCBO and is the in-house grill master at the Roundhouse location in Windsor where he gives grilling lessons.
Jules now is starting his newest adventure and has open The BBQ Den. A shop dedicated to the art of good BBQ. This is a grillers paradise from grills and smokers, to an array of accessories to BBQ Den house rubs and BBQ sauces, but perhaps most importantly is the insight, the knowledge and the experience you'll get when you shop at The BBQ Den.  Learn from a master!

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